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Sb □?-?M series box type transformer

1、 Product overview: sb □ - M series box transformer (hereinafter referred to as box transformer) is different from the usual box transformer substation in China. It immerses the transformer body, high-voltage load switch, fuse and other protective elements in the insulating liquid. If the box transformer with high ignition point insulating liquid (ignition point > 312 ℃) is used, it can be installed in the occasions with high fire and explosion protection requirements. It can also meet various configuration requirements such as user metering, reactive power compensation, low-voltage shunt and so on. The product complies with GB / t1904 standard, and partially refers to the requirements of the industrial standard JB / t10217 combined transformer of the Ministry of machinery. This series of box transformer has the characteristics of strong output capacity, low noise, less loss, small volume, compact structure, flexible and convenient installation, safety and reliability. 2、 Product features: 1. Structural features: the box structure of this series of products is divided into front and rear parts. The front is the high and low voltage operation interval. The high-voltage bay includes high-voltage terminal, load switch, no-load voltage regulating tap changer, plug-in fuse, pressure relief valve, oil thermometer, oil level gauge and oil drain valve. Low voltage terminals are included in the low voltage Bay. The rear part is the oil filling box and heat sink, and the transformer winding, iron core, high-voltage load switch and protection fuse are all in the oil storage box. 2. Performance features: 2.1 compact structure, small volume, flexible and convenient installation 2.2 fully insulated structure, fully sealed and reliable to ensure personal safety 2.3 double fuse protection is adopted to reduce operation cost. The fuse of plug-in fuse is double sensitive fuse (temperature and current). 2.4 it can be used in both terminal system and ring network system. 2.5 the high-voltage incoming line adopts the structure of cable connector, which has the characteristics of disconnector, convenient and flexible operation. 2.6 the transformer is of three-phase and three column structure, and the step lap process is adopted for the iron core, so it has low noise, low loss and strong short-circuit and overload resistance. 2.7 high ignition point insulating oil shall be used, and the surface shall be & ldquo; Three prevention & rdquo; And cathodic electrophoretic powder coating treatment, which can be applied to various harsh environments.

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