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Class H insulated three-phase dry-type power transformer

The non encapsulated class H insulated three-phase dry-type power transformer produced by Nomex insulation material has the characteristics of safety, reliability, energy saving, fire prevention, explosion-proof and simple maintenance. It has advanced design, reasonable structure and beautiful appearance. The main performance indexes are better than domestic standards. Such as partial discharge level, no-load loss and load loss. The noise level can adapt to the use of high humidity environment, etc. It can be installed in lakes, seas and areas with large load. It is suitable for high-rise buildings, airports, stations, docks, subways, hospitals, power plants and other places. Features of the company's non encapsulated class H insulated three-phase dry-type power transformer: 1. The carefully designed coil structure and vacuum pressure impregnation treatment process make the partial discharge of SGB10 transformer extremely small, less than or equal to 5pc, and there is no cracking and decline of insulation level in the whole process of use. 2. Continuous winding and low-voltage foil winding are adopted for high voltage, vacuum pressure impregnation and high-temperature curing treatment are adopted, and high-strength diphenyl ether material or ceramic support is adopted, which has good insulation performance and anti sudden short circuit ability. 3. Flame retardant, smoldering, non-toxic, self extinguishing and fireproof. 4. Under high-temperature open fire combustion, SGB10 transformer produces almost no smoke. 5. The insulation heat resistance grade of the transformer is class H (180 ℃). 6. The insulation layer is very thin and uniform, with strong short-term overload capacity. There is no need for forced cooling. It can be overloaded for 120% for a long time and 140% for 3 hours. Since this insulating material is not aging and elastic, it is in & plusmn; It can be fully loaded at 50 ℃.

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