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Dry type transformer

The iron core of the product is made of high-quality oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, which is manufactured by the automatic production line of step seam iron core of German gear company, and adopts the new technology of five step overlapping seam, which greatly improves the no-load performance of the iron core. Huntsman (original Ciba Jiaji) epoxy resin is used for the coil, and the coil pouring process is completed by German Hedrich vacuum pouring equipment. The product has good resin permeability and no bubbles, so the local discharge is small. The high and low voltage coils are closely matched and have strong structural strength, so as to ensure strong short-circuit resistance and vibration resistance. The service life of the product is 30 years under normal service conditions. During the service life, the product will not crack the coil surface due to temperature change under normal service conditions. Product structure: Core: the core of dry-type transformer is made of high-quality oriented cold rolled silicon steel sheet, which is manufactured by the automatic production line of step seam core of German gear company, and adopts the new step lap process. The magnetic circuit structure is improved and the magnetic flux density at the step joint is reduced. Due to first-class equipment, high-quality silicon steel sheets and advanced technology, the no-load performance of iron core is greatly improved. Compared with the conventional structure core, the no-load loss, no-load current and noise level are reduced by 5 ~ 6%, 20 ~ 30% and 6% respectively. Coil: the dry-type transformer coil is a resin cast high-voltage coil; The high-voltage coil is of segmented structure, made of resin system material of Ciba-Geigy company in Switzerland and vacuum poured by Hedrich equipment in Germany. The low voltage coil adopts foil structure. Advanced technology ensures that the coil has the characteristics of small local discharge and strong short-circuit resistance. Voltage regulation range of high voltage coil: UN & plusmn; 5% and UN & plusmn; 2x2.5% on load voltage regulation. Temperature control device: it has the functions of fault alarm, overtemperature alarm, overtemperature gate adjustment, three-phase patrol inspection, start and stop air cooling device, etc. Cooling device: axial flow fan is adopted, which has the characteristics of low noise, uniform blowing and convenient installation. The installation of fan can overload about 40% for a long time. Process characteristics:

1. The noise source of the transformer comes from the iron core. The company applies the first imported step seam iron core automatic production line of German gear company in China and adopts the new step lap process to improve the magnetic circuit distribution inside the iron core and reduce the noise of the product with its unique equipment advantages.

2. In product design, CAD optimization method is adopted, high-quality silicon steel sheet is selected, and low magnetic density is taken to keep it away from the saturation point, so as to reduce the amount of harmonic in the core and reduce the noise.

3. All clamping parts are buffered with silicone rubber and elastic elements to reduce vibration amplitude and noise. At the same time, a certain thickness of resin is coated on the surface of the iron core to play a sound insulation role.

4. The solid insulation composed of high-quality resin and glass fiber has high electrical strength (breakdown voltage not less than 34kv / mm) and small partial discharge, which can be controlled within & le; Within 10pc.

5. It is flame-retardant and does not pollute the environment. Because the resin and glass fiber composite insulating materials used in dry-type transformer produce very little heat during combustion (about 6.5mj / kg), it has the characteristics of flame retardant and self extinguishing.

6. It is moisture proof and can operate safely under 100% humidity. The iron core of dry-type transformer is coated with resin, and all coils are encapsulated with resin. Therefore, it can operate reliably under 100% air relative humidity and has high anti-corrosion ability. Dry type transformer also has the advantages of strong overload capacity, good thermal stability, small volume, light weight, simple and convenient installation, maintenance free and so on. Therefore, it can be widely used in high-rise buildings, commercial centers, airports, stations, docks, subways, factories and underground power distribution stations.

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