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35kV three-phase resin cast dry no-load voltage regulating power transformer

35kV three-phase resin cast dry-type no-load voltage regulating power transformer, according to the current power market demand for short-circuit resistance, mechanical strength, low loss, low noise, low partial discharge and large capacity dry-type power transformer, based on the mature production experience of 10kV and 35kV dry-type power transformer, and drawing lessons from the mature design, manufacturing and production experience of many factories at home and abroad, Relying on scientific and technological progress, the 35kV resin cast dry-type no-load voltage regulating power transformer is independently developed and completed. Main process features and innovations of the product: 1. Low loss: no-load loss test value: 20.717kw, no-load current test value: 0.13%. Rated tap load loss test value: 82.252kw. 2. Low partial discharge: the three-phase measured partial discharge test values are ≤ 10pC。   3. Low temperature rise: Class H insulating material is adopted and designed according to the temperature rise of class F insulating material: coil temperature rise < 100k. Class 200 composite enamelled wire with current density < 2.1a/mm & sup2;, The thin insulation process without filler is adopted, and multiple heat dissipation air passages are set in the middle, which has good heat dissipation, ensuring that the coil has low temperature rise and sufficient thermal margin. 4. Low noise: Noise test value: sound pressure level self cooling (an) is 58db. 5. The magnetic flux density of iron core is less than 1.53t, and 5-stage stepping full oblique joint is adopted to greatly reduce no-load loss, no-load current and noise. 6. Overall structure: hard support is adopted between low-voltage coil and iron core; Class 200 composite enamelled wire is used for winding, glass fiber is used between layers, and class H resin of Huntsman company is used for pouring in low vacuum state, which has excellent mechanical strength; The airway in the coil adopts a unique & ldquo; Airway rod;, The support point is added, which greatly increases the mechanical strength of the coil. Through the above measures, the transformer has excellent mechanical strength and short-circuit resistance.

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