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Full self protection single-phase on column transformer

The full self-protection single-phase column mounted transformer adopts the column hanging installation mode, which has small volume and small capital investment, reduces the low-voltage power supply radius and can reduce the low-voltage line loss by more than 60%. The transformer adopts fully sealed structure, with strong overload capacity, high reliability of continuous operation and simple maintenance. It is suitable for decentralized load power supply mode and has good energy-saving effect. Full self protection single-phase on column transformer (complete self protected single transformer) refers to the installation of some protective components on the high-voltage side of the single-phase column transformer, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the transformer and network safety. The full self-protection single-phase transformer can protect itself from lightning, short circuit and overload, and protect the transmission and distribution lines from power failure caused by the transformer itself It adopts amorphous alloy or silicon steel sheet iron core and one-time formed barrel oil tank, which has the characteristics of low loss, low noise and high mechanical strength. The product is also equipped with magnex interrupter magnetic holding breaker and ELSP backup protection fuse of Cooper Power System Co., Ltd. to protect and disconnect the transformer from overload respectively. At the same time, it can also be equipped with high-voltage lightning arrester to prevent voltage transformation The accident caused by lightning stroke improves the safety and reliability of the transformer.

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