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Petrochemical special distribution transformer

In addition to all the characteristics of the general fully sealed transformer, the high and low voltage bushing and bus of the petrochemical fully sealed transformer produced by our company are protected by a sealed box, and the connecting part is equipped with an interface. There are two ways for users to choose: cable lead-in and insulated bus lead-in. It is especially suitable for serious air pollution or no corrosion of high and low voltage connecting wires to prolong the service life of transformer. At the same time, multi-functional and all-round protection and control are carried out for the transformer, such as overtemperature protection, overvoltage protection, gas relay protection and quick acting oil pressure protection, so as to ensure the safe operation of the transformer. Characteristics of special distribution transformer for petrochemical industry: the special distribution transformer for petrochemical industry adopts CAD design, and its performance meets iec60076, GB1094 and GB / t6451 standards. The oil tank of petrochemical special distribution transformer is a corrugated oil tank, which is processed and manufactured by the automatic oil tank production line of German Geoge company. The surface pretreatment liquid and coating powder are international brand products. The oil tank is powder sprayed after degreasing, pickling, phosphating and electrophoresis pretreatment in the automatic production line, and then solidified at high temperature. The appearance of the transformer has strong corrosion resistance. The coil of petrochemical special distribution transformer is wound with high-strength enamelled wire (or paper wrapped wire), with uniform ampere turn distribution, reasonable insulation structure and strong short-circuit resistance. The transformer body for petrochemical use adopts core free structure, and the seal adopts high-quality acrylate rubber, which can effectively prevent light aging and thermal aging.

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