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distribution transformer

The power transmission and distribution system transmits the electric energy from the remote power plant to the user through regulation. The electric energy is transmitted through the high-voltage transmission line, and then it can be suitable for the user after reducing the voltage in several substations. The distribution transformer located near the end power user finally reduces the voltage to the appropriate value. The transformer that reduces the voltage to the working voltage of electrical equipment is called distribution transformer. This kind of transformer is used as daily lighting and plant power. Generally, the low voltage is 0.4kV and below. The capacity of distribution transformer is small, generally 2500 KVA and below; The primary voltage is also low, both at and below 35 kV. Different from the ordinary oil immersed transformer, the fully sealed distribution transformer produced by our company cancels the oil conservator and uses the fin plate of the corrugated oil tank body as the heat dissipation expansion and contraction element to completely isolate the transformer oil from the atmosphere. Distribution transformer includes capacity regulating transformer and dual voltage distribution transformer. Capacity regulating transformer is a distribution transformer with two capacities and can be adjusted according to the load. The change of the connection mode of the high-voltage winding, the parallel and series conversion of the low-voltage winding and the adjustment of each tapping part are completed by the special non excitation capacity regulating switch. At the same time, when the large capacity is adjusted to the small capacity, due to the increase of the number of low-voltage turns, the core magnetic flux density is greatly reduced, so that the unit loss of silicon steel sheet is reduced, and the no-load loss and no-load current are also reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of loss reduction and energy saving. Dual voltage distribution transformer is a kind of distribution transformer with two voltages, which can be adjusted according to the grid voltage. The parallel and series conversion of high-voltage winding and the adjustment of each tapping part are completed by a special non excitation switch. Features: the distribution transformer adopts CAD design, and its performance conforms to iec60076, GB1094 and GB / t6451 standards. The core of distribution transformer adopts cold-rolled grain oriented silicon steel sheet, which is manufactured by step lap process in the automatic core production line of German Geoge company. The oil tank of distribution transformer is a corrugated oil tank, which is processed and manufactured by the automatic oil tank production line of German Geoge company. The surface pretreatment liquid and coating powder are international brand products. The oil tank is powder sprayed after degreasing, pickling, phosphating and electrophoresis pretreatment in the automatic production line, and then solidified at high temperature. The appearance of transformer has strong corrosion resistance. The coil of distribution transformer is wound with high-strength enamelled wire (or paper wrapped wire), with uniform ampere turn distribution, reasonable insulation structure and strong short-circuit resistance. The distribution transformer body adopts the core free structure, and the seal adopts high-quality acrylate rubber, which can effectively prevent light aging and thermal aging.

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