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400kV and 500kV series oil immersed power transformers

400kV and 500kV series oil immersed power transformers are series transformers with low noise, low loss, low partial discharge, high short-circuit resistance and strong overload capacity, which are successfully produced by digesting and absorbing advanced concepts at home and abroad and through independent optimization and innovation. The electromagnetic calculation and verification analysis of this series of transformers are calculated and analyzed by advanced design software, and the structural design is aided by SolidWorks 3D software;

1. Through in-depth theoretical and Experimental Research on the electrical, magnetic, thermal, mechanical strength and short-circuit strength of large capacity transformer, using advanced finite element analysis software, accurately analyze the magnetic flux leakage distribution and electric force in the winding under various short-circuit conditions, and select a reasonable design scheme to ensure that the transformer has sufficient safety margin in case of short-circuit;

2. The computer is used to calculate the main and longitudinal insulation, and accurately calculate the impulse voltage gradient distribution in the coil and the electric field distribution at the end of the coil, so as to ensure the reliable electrical insulation of the transformer. The electric field analysis is carried out for the parts where the electric field is easy to concentrate, and the best structural scheme is determined.

3. In terms of the thermal performance of the transformer, the temperature field of the transformer is calculated, and the natural circulation cooling mode of oil is determined to prevent the live oil flow in the EHV Transformer from endangering the safe operation of the transformer. In the hot spot temperature rise control of large capacity transformer, through the rational use of magnetic shunt, magnetic shield and electrical shield, the local temperature caused by large loss of magnetic flux leakage in structural parts is prevented from being too high. Through the temperature field calculation of the transformer, the theoretical position and theoretical value of the hot spot temperature on the coil are found out. The coil is wound and the optical fiber temperature measuring probe is embedded at the corresponding position. Finally, the accuracy of the temperature field calculation is verified through the temperature rise test. The hot spot temperature value of the coil can be displayed online during the operation of the transformer.

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