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35kV oil immersed power transformer

35kV oil immersed power transformer has the advantages of low loss, low noise, strong resistance to sudden short circuit and beautiful appearance. It is the perfect product of the company with the combination of advanced production equipment and lean manufacturing technology. The transformer can have & ldquo; Remote signaling, telemetry, remote adjustment and remote control & rdquo; The four remote functions can be controlled remotely by computer to realize the unattended substation.

Structural features:

Iron core and body: the iron core is processed by the automatic iron core shear line of German Jorge company, and the fully inclined step joint is adopted to improve the magnetic flux direction, eliminate the local magnetic flux saturation of the iron core at the joint, reduce the no-load loss and no-load current of the iron core, and reduce the noise of the transformer.

The iron core adopts the pull plate structure. In order to increase the short-circuit resistance, several pressure nails are distributed around the pressing plate, and the upper and lower high and low voltage clamps are connected by support beams to make the iron core as a whole. In addition, the surface of the core column is coated with special end face adhesive for silicon steel sheet to bond the silicon steel sheet to the sheet. After curing, the return core is integrated, which reduces the noise of the core, increases the mechanical strength, and plays a good role in rust prevention of the core. High strength electrical laminated wood is used between the lower part of the body and the tank wall to make the positioning of the lower part of the body safe and reliable. Coil: the high-voltage coil is continuous, and the low-voltage coil is continuous or spiral. The voltage regulating coil is set separately to balance ampere turns, so as to minimize the mechanical force. High and low pressure coils adopt oil guiding structure, and the oil flow is guided, making full use of the oil flow to take away heat. Oil tank: the oil tank is bell jar type or hanging core type, the oil tank wall is corrugated, the oil tank is beautiful and simple, and the mechanical strength is high. In order to prevent oil leakage, finish machined flanges are used at key connection parts (such as casing, pressure valve, switch, etc.) to prevent leakage.

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