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220kV series oil immersed power transformer

220kV series oil immersed power transformer products have introduced foreign advanced technology and equipment, widely digested and absorbed the manufacturing experience of foreign famous companies, and developed high-grade power transformer products that meet the operation characteristics of China's urban and rural power grid in combination with domestic reality. Features: 1. All products are calculated by software for electric field, magnetic field, temperature rise and short-circuit electrodynamic force, so as to ensure uniform coil field strength distribution and reasonable oil flow distribution. The products have high electrical insulation performance and short-circuit resistance. 2. Coil: high voltage coil is tangled & mdash; Continuous or internal screen & mdash; Continuous type to improve the longitudinal capacitance distribution of the coil under impulse voltage; Through the oil flow calculation, the oil guide diaphragm and oil guide passage are adopted in the coil to reduce the average temperature rise of the winding and the temperature rise of the hottest spot and prolong the service life of the transformer; Hard support in the coil, double dovetail cushion block brace, and the insulation at the upper and lower ends is a whole platform pressing plate, with high mechanical strength and strong resistance to sudden short circuit; The insulation parts inside the coil and the body are rounded and roughened to reduce local discharge. 3. Iron core: cold rolled silicon steel sheet with high magnetic conductivity and high quality orientation, non hole binding, frame type three-phase three column or three-phase five column structure, D-shaped iron yoke structure provides a large-area platform for the coil, step-by-step multi-level joints, and Jorge wire imported from Germany is cut to ensure that the burr of the iron core is less than 20 μ m. The no-load loss, no-load current and noise level are reduced. 4. Oil tank: minute cover type and barrel type. The corrugated box wall is bent by the whole plate; All seals shall be provided with end limit seals; The metal parts inside and outside the box are rounded and roughened, and the welds and seals have been tested for three times (fluorescence, positive pressure and negative pressure leakage test); The paint shall be made according to the anti rust requirements of household appliances. For large capacity transformers, the oil tank adopts magnetic shielding to reduce the stray loss of the transformer. 5. The body is integrally assembled and dried at constant pressure to ensure uniform shrinkage of the coil and less rebound, and effectively improve the electrical strength and short-circuit resistance of the transformer. The body is assembled in the deep purification space, and after assembly, it is carried out in the fully automatic control kerosene vapor phase drying tank; The general assembly is carried out in the dust-free workshop, vacuum oiling, all components are pre installed in the factory, shipped together, and the user's manual is bound into a volume.

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