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330kV series oil immersed power transformer

330kV series oil immersed power transformer is a series of power transformers with low noise, low loss, low partial discharge and high short-circuit resistance through optimization and innovation and advanced design software to study and design the electrical, magnetic, thermal, mechanical strength and short-circuit strength of the transformer. Main process features of the product: 1. Computer software is used to calculate the impact potential distribution and gradient potential distribution, and calculate the potential distribution between various parts in the coil, between the coil and the coil, and between the coil and the ground, so as to effectively improve the potential distribution at various points. 2. 2. Low loss. Magnetic flux leakage calculation is adopted, and effective measures are taken to reduce stray loss, effectively prevent local overheating and reduce the temperature rise of winding hot spots; The electromagnetic optimization design software is used to optimize the core and winding design. 3. High short circuit resistance. The dynamic analysis method is used to calculate the short-circuit mechanical force. 4. Low partial discharge and long service life. 1) The electric field is analyzed and calculated to improve the area where the electric field is concentrated. 2) Vacuum oil injection can effectively prevent bubbles from forming in insulating parts and transformers to reduce partial discharge. 5. Low noise. Select high-quality iron core materials, select appropriate magnetic flux density and natural vibration frequency of iron core, adopt body structure with high short-circuit resistance strength, and improve the connection mode between oil tank and body to reduce noise. 6. Low temperature rise. The oil flow distribution is calculated, and the reasonable oil flow distribution structure is adopted to reduce the temperature rise and average temperature rise of the hottest spot of the winding, so as to improve the overload capacity of each part and prolong the service life of the transformer.

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